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Trans Day of Visibility 2024

On March 31st, we celebrate Trans Day of Visibility #TDOV! It's a special day for us to come together and celebrate our community. However, this year has been quite challenging for us. We have faced legislative pushback, and violence in supposed safe spaces, and are still unable to live our lives freely as we grieve loss after loss of our people like Righteous Torrence TK Hill, Nex Benedict, Alex Franco, and Diamond Brigman

Visibility means something different to each one of us, but we are all grateful to have your support today and those to come. Whether you are an ally or a trans person, your support matters. It is also important to remember that true equality cannot be achieved without active allyship. This means educating and advocating for trans folks to obtain basic human needs and rights such as

Proper Wages

Affordable Housing

Gender-Affirming Care

Access to Healthy Foods

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Meaningful Collaboration

Remember we are not all free until our most oppressed are free.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

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