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The BONDS 100 Honor Society recognizes the academic and community excellence of Transmen doing work to enhance the quality of life for transmen and transmasculine communities. In addition, this honor society recognizes those unsung transmasculine heroes in the community that rarely get an opportunity to be acknowledged. 


BONDS 100 members participate in a bi-annual service project that focuses on the advancement of the transmasculine community. Members also participate in quarterly meetings and the BONDS 100 Honor society annual gala. This honor society also serves as a hub for Transmen of all backgrounds to meet and build community. 


  • Must be at least 18 years

  • Enrolled in an educational program (collegiate, trade, and etc.); OR be an ADVOCATE of ACTIVISTS for the Trans community

  • Be in good standing with the Trans community

  • Submit an application

  • Interview with induction committee

  • Serve on one of the Transmen Week of Affirmation and Resilience committees each year

  • Attend induction gala 


To obtain an application for the BONDS 100 Honor Society, please fill out the contact form below

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